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Mochi en Fuego with Cream

The last project of the year was a quick one, completed in just a couple weeks on my Cricket.

After finishing my Mochi en Fuego wrap, I still had a fair bit of yarn in the cake remaining.  Since my wrap was cotton warp paired with wool weft, I wanted to see how the Mochi en Fuego would do when paired with a wool warp.  I’ve also been meaning to try some multi-color weaving, so this proved to be a good opportunity.  I happened to have a skein of superwash merino fingering weight yarn that I had set aside.  I grabbed an envelope and plotted out how I wanted the warp to go on – for the most part, I alternated the handspun with the commercially spun yarn.  I did some wider stripes at the selvedges and in the center of the scarf.

The last project for this year...

Warping like this using solid colored yarns would result in faux houndstooth, if I remember right, but the handspun is slightly variegated, and as it wove up, the weft definitely seemed to show much more prominently against the warp. I was a little surprised by this, as the weave looks to be fairly well balanced, but I’m definitely still very much in the learning space when it comes to weaving (I definitely don’t have the vocabulary down yet!)  In any case, it’s working up beautifully.


I carried the two yarns up opposing selvedges, so each edge has a slightly scalloped look – one with all white/cream yarn making the scallops, the other side has the handspun yarn carried up the edge.  I’m happy to be able to say that my selvedges look pretty neat and even 🙂  Weaving these two fingering-weight yarns on a 10-dent reed made for a really light and airy scarf – for colder weather use, I’d try again with a thicker yarn and a different reed to allow it to still be drapey but still a bit more dense.


The fringes made tidy barberpoles at either end once they were all twisted and tied.


Overall, I’d have to say I’m rather pleased with my first real foray into multi colored weaving – I’m looking forward to doing something like this again – perhaps with 2 handpaints on the same yarn base  – or a handpaint paired with the cream undyed base yarn.

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