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It’s a Wrap

Remember this combo yarn I spun earlier in the year?

Mochi en fuego: a combo with davidscf and helloyarn

well, with the help of a friend, we dressed my Flip with a hot pink cotton warp and I set to weaving…

204.365 now that I have some yarn...

Watching the colors unreel off the shuttles and transform into cloth was absolutely mesmerizing.  If you look closely, you’ll note that the warp is doubled – I figured the cotton was probably rather fine for the 10-dent reed I had selected for use (or maybe it’s because I don’t have a 12-dent – I don’t remember 😛 )

I've finally finished one shuttle's worth of yarn....

In any case, the piece is ever so slightly warp-faced, so the pink really comes through in the finished item….speaking of finished, here it is, slightly blurry, freshly cut off the loom:

Mochi en fuego wrap.Right off the loom, the wrap was kind of stiff – but the wool hadn’t yet been washed, and the cotton seemed like it wanted to be kinda snarly on the ends.  Before wet finishing it, I had to tidy up the ends somehow so I grabbed my handy fringe twister and spent the evening winding and knotting fringe…

355.365 endlessly twisting.
Once all the fringe was taken care of, I dropped the wrap into a warm bath with some wool wash and got to agitating it – the wool is superwash…and the cotton…well, it’s mercerized I think.  After a good mangle by hand, I took it off to the spin dryer, and then laid it out draped across a drying rack.  I’m happy to report it softened up quite a bit, though is slightly wrinkly – but since I don’t get along too well with my iron, I’ve opted to just fold it and put it with my other scarves for wearing this winter.


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