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another combo in the making

It’s Tour de Fleece time! Er…I hope you’ve been having a good July…we are nearing the end of the tour (as in the finish is tomorrow!)  oops.

Did you spin?  I’ve been meaning to post about a combo spin that’s been in the works for a while.  And by a while, I mean I started it back in mid April – and I had fully intended to have it finished *before* the tour de fleece.  It’s safe to say I’ve been distracted (and terribly neglectful of my blog).

82.365 Next up? Brights! But first I have to decide how to split it up for the spinning...

Between April and June I managed to slowly spin up two bobbins of SCF Fuego….at which point my spinning languished for a bit.

146.365 evening's entertainment

The good news is the tour got me re-focused on the spin and I managed to get it done!

I kicked off the tour by spinning up two bobbins of HelloYarn Mochi to go with my already spun bobbins of Fuego.  It took me just over a week to spin the two bobbins up – that’s remarkably quick given how fine I was apparently spinning the singles…

Bobbins....ready for plying

One I had the bobbins all ready, it was time to ply.  I got out my trusty shoe-box kate and got to it…

188.365 mindless spinning leads to endless hours of plying.

it took hours. took a good chunk of the day, but it's all plied!

but at the end of it all, I had two gloriously filled bobbins and a little bit of n-plied yarn to use up the last bit of Fuego.

Mochi en fuego: a combo with davidscf and helloyarn

In the end after combining 4 bumps of fiber (two of each), I wound up with the following:
Mochi en Fuego – A combination of Southern Cross Fibre and HelloYarn colorways on Superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool
The smaller skein is 219g/912 yards
The larger skein is 226g/928 yards
There was a wee bit of fuego left over at the end that got n-plied…. 20g/62 yards

The yarn is a 2-ply worsted yarn, spun semi-fractally.

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