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So much for finishing by the holidays…

28.365 tis time for gussets!

So… I guess I was a little ambitious back in December when I thought I might possibly have these socks done by the holidays….course I didn’t really specify which holidays I was speaking of 😉

Sadly for the socks, if I remember correctly, shortly after I made that post, I got distracted with some spinning and some weaving and the socks promptly went back into hibernation…

47.365 heel is turned!

Luckily for the socks, I’ve been needing some travel knitting and slowly but surely, I was making progress.  This weekend marked a couple major milestones….first I turned one heel…

48.365 heels turned!
…and yesterday I turned the other heel.  Now I just need to knit around and around and around until the legs are a few inches tall then some 1×1 ribbing and bind off!  Luckily for me, T does not care to have his socks really tall, so this should go relatively quickly, provided I don’t get distracted again!

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