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looping along

Back in October, when I headed off to Rhinebeck, I faced the dilemma that most knitters face…how much yarn and how many projects to pack 😉

My husband seemed to find this rather amusing, especially seeing as I was heading off to a fiber festival, where, presumably, I would be purchasing more wool.  I had packed Sage (if I remember right, I think I still had most of the body and the sleeves to knit) as my primary knitting…and a ball of yarn, a pattern and an extra set of needles just in case I somehow managed to run out of knitting.

Much to my surprise, I actually managed to finish off that sweater (and wear it at Rhinebeck), so I cast on the pair of socks:

Sock toes

Which promptly languished for about a month just past the toe increases.  In a flurry of panic before having to return to work after my sabbatical, I sat down and calmed myself with my knitting and made some progress:

Socks were stalled but I'm starting to make progress again :)

The pattern is quite easy to memorize, and is actually rather clever.  The cables are not really cables, but are cleverly made up of increases and decreases – hooray for traveling stitches!  I’ve got several more inches to go and then I’ll begin the gusset and heel-turn.  I’m hoping to get these done before the holidays 🙂

Got a wee bit of knitting done while watching LotR this weekend

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