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Whoops! Time sure flies!

Well, it seems it’s been since the end of August since I found the wherewithal to sit down and write. I blame the cats – it seems every time I try to have a sit down at my home office, this happens:


or this happens:


and am apparently not allowed to view the screen unless I do some variation of what is in the above cartoon….I present the following evidence:


In any case, I seem to have managed to convince the felines to allow me a few moments of peace.  As for what I’ve been keeping busy with since I last wrote:

We went to the Eastern Sierras for a hiking trip – started down near the bottom near Whitney Portal and worked our way northward through Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  Ultimately, we wound up near the Tioga Pass entrance to Yosemite, but we didn’t venture in.

I don't remember which lake this is....and yes, I hike in a dress :) While we were there, we saw plenty of mountain lakes, a number of golden mantled ground squirrels, including this perky fellow:

Squirrel! Of the golden mantled ground variety.  He was hoping for handouts at camp.

Several Marmots, though I think the ones in Washington were cuter….

And now...a marmot.

The pikas were out in force, making preparations for the oncoming winter months:

Winter is coming...

And did I mention the lakes? There were lots of them 🙂

I need an escape.... Having to settle for thinking back to previous vacation

Crafting wise, there was a bit more spinning, though I seem to have lost track of total yardage/poundage spun during 2014.  I might have to come up with a better system to keep track in 2015.  I did take the opportunity after the holidays and before the new year to reorganize my stash and tidy things up – so I’m heading into the new year with a nice clean workspace and a much better idea for what all I have yarn and fiber-wise.


In other news of organization and tidying and keeping things in their place, this will be my second year using a Bullet Journal to keep track of things for work.  While I keep a digital calendar and still do most of my work via email, or virtual meetings, the bullet journal is one place I can easily turn to to reference my “work” since I tend to use it to jot things down and often have more background information on certain projects that don’t make it into final summaries that I tend to keep electronic copies of.  It also lets me revel in love of school supplies and fancy pens.

I haven’t been so successful in having a separate bullet journal for my non-work life – I have  a Circa notebook, but I tend to yank pages out of it as it gets full because I tend to use it as a running to-do list, though I hope to incorporate more artwork into my personal notebook, so perhaps it will remain more intact.  Not everything makes it into my Circa, as I also use an app on my phone (which I tend to have on me at all times, unlike my personal notebook).  The app I use is Wunderlist, though there are a number of other fancy list and note-taking apps out there.

In any case, perhaps this year, I’ll be a bit better about keeping up here on my blog 🙂
Happy Holidays!

I hope you, your friends and your families all had a spectacular holiday season, and are welcoming in a wonderful New Year full of happiness, health and prosperity!

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