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A few more bobbins

As we get ready for the Tour de Fleece, how about a few inspirational shots of things that have recently been finished?

I don’t remember if I have ever spun cheviot before, but I spun some up recently using long-draw and it went by super fast. The singles practically spun themselves! This colorway is SouthernCross Fibre Beyond Time, it was a club offering for March of this year.

Beyond time cheviot singles. Time to unwind and have a bath! #spin365

Here’s a prime example of why I love these bobbins so much. The cutouts mean I can see the yarn on the bobbin when its filled, and I love seeing the colors all stacked on top of each other! I’m planning on collecting up my bobbin shots and turning them into a print one day.

Full up.

Fresh off the bobbin, singles are usually all curly and twisty and these were no exception.

Unwound and energized. Tis bath time! #spin365

And here we have a bobbin end-shot of Southern Cross Fibre’s other March club colorway, Old Master – as singles…

Another bobbin filled. Scf old master on cheviot. Destined to be a two-ply. #spin365

Which was subsequently wound off and plied on itself to make a two-ply.  I’ve got socks on the mind for this yarn.  Even when plying, I can get all 4 ounces onto the Akerworks Bobbin….did I mention I have more bobbins on the way?  I don’t think I’ll be going back to my standard wood bobbins once I fill out my bobbin herd…though I suppose I should never say never 🙂

Since I've picked out the next spin, I should show you what's in the wash now...

And the obligatory bobbin end shot ;) I'm taking someone's suggestion that these might make nice artwork once printed :)

In case you were wondering what that yarn looks like finished and off the bobbin, here it is:

Yaaaaarn. Scf old master, 2-ply on cheviot. 298 yards.

I’m thinking it will make a fine pair of socks…

Now then, are you ready for the Tour?

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