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Burke’s Kraken Vista

In a mood for blues…

Sometimes, things marinate around in the stash for a loooooong time before they decide they want to be transformed into yarn.  This also seems to happen because I tend to go through color fixation phases – I’ve been out of my blue phase for quite some time, but recently, an urge struck, and I went through a rash of blue / blue-ish spinning.


I had these three colorways, all conveniently on Superwash BFL…and I noticed that T is in need of some additional handknit socks…I didn’t seem to have any fingering weight yarn in my stash that was appropriate, but a combo of these three would be perfect!

Tis time to ply!!

After spinning up the singles, I plied them all together to get this nice lovely round yarn:

I love how yarn foofs after a relaxing bath #spin365

…and since I’m never any good at spinning the fiber perfectly, there’s always a little tiny skein left over.  Big and Little for comparison – the little skein is a combination of 2 and n-ply yarn to use up the remaining singles.  It seems I spun the first bobbin extra fine compared to the other two bobbins, which were fairly well matched.

Plump and squishy

I’ve not yet selected a pattern – handspun yarn always does well with just a plain sock, and given the barberpoleing, I suspect it would obscure any patterning.  For now, it’s back into the stash with this plump skein, until the urge to cast on and knit hits 🙂

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