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Spin 365

David of Southern Cross Fibre had a grand idea tail end of last year – and it was to do a little bit of spinning every single day – the project is called Spin365 and if you’d like to, you can join up with the Ravelry group here. It’s a friendly bunch, and if not anything else, looking at all the photos certainly is inspiring.

I’d been doing pretty well with spinning or doing something fiber related daily…until I got sidetracked for the month of March – but during that time I was knitting a dress out of yarn I had spun so far during the Spin365 project, so I still count it a success. It’s amazing how much yarn one can amass if spinning even just a little bit each day!

I’m picking things back up with the spinning this month, starting back in with another combo spin.

It seems the flickr slideshow I was using isn’t working so well anymore…if you’d like to see what all I’ve managed to spin so far this year, have a look at my flickr set!

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