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Pens and Ink

Sampling...again.  As one does. #inkaholic

If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I have a thing for Pens and ink…and paper.  I don’t know what it is about nice notebooks and fine pens, but I’ve always had a thing for stationary-related delights.  Perhaps it goes back to my days in school when I would take notes in a bunch of different colors – who knows, but I’ve always had a thing for nice writing utensils. I rather fell out of the habit of having nice pens around, but recently fell back down the rabbit hole, acquiring a variety of fountain pens and dip pen nibs….all the better to sample a wide variety of inks.

Inked up.

I’ve also taken to bullet journaling for work (all of my other lists still reside either in my phone using wunderlist or on various bits of scrap paper)  – and like it a lot – it helps keep me organized, and on top of all the things I need to make sure to get done.  I’m hoping that at the end of the year, it makes it easier for me to summarize my major accomplishments for the year as well.

One would think that given my penchant for nice pens and paper, I would be taking notes on my knitting, spinning and crafting in a nice journal….but you would be wrong.

One of these days I might get in the habit of using a proper notebook to compile recipes and crafting notes  – but so far, I’ve not brought myself to do it.  I do, however, for my dyeing and wool blending for the shop, take meticulous notes!

Do you also enjoy fine pens and paper? Do you journal or are you more haphazard?

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