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A year or two ago, I discovered the hummingbird cam – and I took to seasonally watching madam Phoebe and her babies as they grew up on camera for all the world to see.  Imagine my delight and surprise to discover I had my own hummingbird nest going up in one of the trees at my house!

The nest, as you might imagine is rather small – perhaps about the size of a golf ball. The female is rather shy, and rarely lets me capture her photo while on the nest – I’m hoping that changes once she starts incubating.

madam hummingbird

I’m not entirely sure what type of hummingbird she is, or if she is the same type as this fellow who I caught drinking at the feeder in the yard:

Mr. H
In any case, I’m excited to have them and am looking forward to seeing the chicks fledge.

Do you feed birds at your house?  Do you have any favorites?

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