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And now…a cowl

Knittin' along

Sometimes, I just want something warm to wear around my neck – just a simple tube to keep me warm and keep the drafts off with no long ends to fiddle with. Cowls are nice because they are quick to knit, don’t take much yarn, and usually are quickly finished by knitting around and around and around.

This cowl is a little different. It’s knit side to side, inspired by the Jaywalker socks pattern and the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl.

The modifications I made included adding additional pattern repeats to make it quite tall, and also to graft it together in pattern. This required casting on provisionally and then doing the best I could with the grafting since there are those pesky yarn overs to compensate for. I found the tutorial by Lucy Hague to be most helpful (I also intend to knit her Nennir cowl one of these days).

Overall, I think it went quite well – the grafting seam can be spotted if you look closely, but I think I’d be had pressed to find it if I didn’t know it was there.

Grafting. In pattern. Not quite perfect but pretty darned close!

Of course, I only recently finished this cowl, just in time for the 90-100 degree temps to hit. Looks like I’ll at least be ready for the next cool down 😉

Just in time for the blast furnace weather. A new cowl #perfecttiming :P

Pattern: Adapted from the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl and the Jaywalker Sock pattern
Needles: US8
Yarn: Pure (Organic Merino) in the New Moon colorway, from Becoming Art

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