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Clearing off the Needles

On the needles since before Ravelry and before 2008, this stole has been languishing in hibernation for quite some time.

Heart Leaf Stole

It’s a fairly simple lace pattern, made of heart-shaped leaves.  My finished stole is about 22 inches wide and 60 inches long.  Each end is finished with a few rows of garter stitch and a picot edge.  Given how simple the lace chart was I’m not sure why this project languished for so long – I was likely simply distracted with any number of other projects on needles.  With this one done, I only have 2 other long term hibernating projects remaining – one is a modular knit (I had grand plans for a miter square blanket once – it may still happen, though not any time soon given that the rate that I make miter squares seems to be rather slow) – the other is a pair of mittens, but since that is colorwork, and it appears all I have done is the cuff, I may wind up tearing it back and starting over to ensure nothing wonky goes on with the gauge.

307.365 years in the making.

Now that this project is done, I’m quite happy to have it for wearing.  It was knit on US9s out of Karaoke yarn – I tried knitting from either end of a rather large yarn cake that was wound off a cone in an attempt to break up any striping tendencies – it seems my luck was such that it striped anyway.  I also failed to leave a long enough float on the edge where I was switching the strands, so one edge of the stole has a nice leafy scallop, while the other edge blocked straight with nary a curve to be seen.  The pattern is easy enough to modify to suit whatever finished width you’d like – simply cast on an appropriate number of stitch repeats.

Voyager stolePattern link can be found on my Project Page.

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