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For a challenge…

One of the purposes of the Tour de Fleece is set a challenge for oneself during the course of the tour – and especially on the most challenging day of the tour – on this tour, it coincides with stage 18, where the Tour de France riders climbed Alpe d’Huez twice.

I have been struggling some time with some persistent issues with my right arm/wrist and hand.  Usually when I am having problems with my arm/hand, I switch to a different craft – such as knitting…or weaving – or I just take a break.  This year during the tour for my personal challenge I’ve decided I will force myself to spin with my non-dominant hand in the lead…while also aiming for practicing long draw (I’m not terribly good at spinning long draw to begin with).

With that in mind, I prepped a pile of fibers for spinning:

Prep for tomorrow....completed!
That would be a pile of Southern Cross Fibre Glass Gem on polwarth broken up into fauxlags.  A video tutorial on creating fauxlags can be found here – or a quick photo tutorial can be found here (both by David of SouthernCrossFibre).

Using the slowest ratio on my wheel, I set to spinning.

195.365 it almost looks like he's taken up spinning ;)

no, the kitten does not know how to spin…it just looks like he does 😉

It has been going slowly, but this experiment has been progressing better than anticipated.  The yarn definitely is a bit on the uneven side, but is probably fluctuating between fine fingering and sport weight  – I won’t know for sure until I wind it off and take a few WPI measurements.

199.365 about half of glass gem is now spun all with my non dominant hand in the lead!

I’m still working on dialing in the takeup on the Matchless – and find it challenging to fit a full bump of fiber onto the bobbin…at the very end I was getting rather concerned that it wasn’t going to all fit…but it did.  🙂 it was a little bit messy, but it did indeed all fit – I just had to make sure to stay away from the very end hooks or risk having yarn hopping off the bobbin entirely.

So it's a bit of a mess....but it's all on the bobbin!

When it was all done, I was surprised to discover the yardage – 724 yards out of 110g of fiber…that works out to be fine fingering as far as a yards per pound rating goes.  I’ll give the yarn a bath and try to lightly full it before committing it to an as yet undetermined project.  It was a fun spin – if you’ve not tried spinning from fauxlags, it’s a fun treatment.  In this yarn, I spun randomly from the pile of fauxlags, resulting in short-ish sections of color that transition with a small amount of mixing.  I’ve also done gradient spins from fauxlags in the past – those are also great fun, but require keeping the fauxlags in gradient order (which I find slightly challenging with a wool-loving cat in the house).

Left hand spinning....needs a bath

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