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Wildflower Report

This past weekend, I was invited out to check on the wildflower progress in the Superstitions.  It’s a favorite place to go hiking, especially on the weekends as it’s not too far out of the city.  You may remember I was there not too long ago visiting the flatiron.

With all the rain we’ve had this winter, this wildflower season should be pretty fantastic – the trick is finding out where the flowers are and when they are peaking in bloom density – (of course, for those of us with allergies, it’s not ideal to go exploring when the flowers are in full showy status without being properly armed with plenty of antihistamine!)  I can let you know that out in the Superstitions, near lost Dutchman State Park specifically, the show is only just getting started.

The hillside and flats heading up to the flatiron are blanketed in groundcover with the hyacinths being the most common of the blooms that I spotted.  The brittle bush aren’t quite covered in yellow blooms, but they are getting ready to burst soon.  If you’re like me and are allergic to Ragweed and it’s relative, triangle leaf bursage, it looked like there was plenty to be had just getting ready to flower.  The poppies and lupine have started  making an appearance, though there aren’t carpets of them quite yet.  Below are a selection of shots from my hike this weekend – if you live in the state, be sure to try to get out this spring – the flowers should be fantastic once they get going!

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