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Bad Romance…

There has been an illicit relationship budding in the back yard – every night for quite a number of nights, the pool robot would cozy up to the pool steps and procede to stay there rather than going on about its business of cleaning the pool.  Every morning (or evening) i would have to go out there, fish out the robot, and move it along, hoping that I would not find it snuggled up next to those curvy steps come morning…

53.365 fraternizing

This went on for several weeks and eventually I gave up and started searching for a solution.  I’ve tried a number of things, none of which have been successful.  After closer examination of the situation and recent discussions amongst friends with toddlers and puppies, I came to the conclusion that the solution is the same as might be used to corral a wayward pet or child…a baby gate!

58.365 baby gates for everyone!
Behold! It is stretched to its maximum width and requires the addition of a bit of foam on either edge (the bumpers don’t quite securely contact the edges of the pool to hold it securely) – but it seems to keep the robot’s hose from looping between the steps and the boulder which usually resulted in it getting stuck for the night.

60.365 persistently testing the boundaries

Sadly, this isn’t to say that that robot isn’t persistent in it’s pursuits!

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