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After finishing my sweater, I still had some yarn left over.  I found myself mulling over projects to make the most out of the yarn I had left.  I’ve found myself drawn to Stephen West’s designs for a while so I had a quick browse and settled on Daybreak.

I figured I had enough yarn for the smaller version of Daybreak – unfortunately I ran out of the turquoise when I got towards the end of the striped section…luckily for me, the person who gifted me the yarn for the sweater still had some yarn that matched in her personal stash!

Yep. Ran out of brown...but the contrasting bind off looks nice :)

This proved to be an extra bonus as I ran out of brown yarn just as I was headed into the bind off – so I wound up doing a contrasting bind off, which I love even more.

The shawl actually forms a crescent while blocking – this shape lends itself to sitting more happily on the shoulders while being worn.

356.365 at long last...blocking

Even after knitting to the smaller size, the shawl is decent sized – 16 inches from neckline to hem at the center, and a wingspan of approximately 48 inches.  This may also have been due to pattern modification, but without going back through, and counting stripes and ridges, I’m not entirely sure if I applied any pattern deviations 😛

Daybreak shawl

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